Our Business

Alterra was a first mover in the agri-forestry / carbon markets in Australia. The Company has successfully developed major carbon credit projects from concept stage and now operates a long term, established and profitable business. We are passionate about Australia’s potential to supply high quality agricultural products into Asia and continue to identify new opportunities for potential expansion including dairy, beef and other products.

Our business expertise and skills include:


Experienced management of broad-acre grain, sheep, beef, and dairy production.

Concept to delivery

Track record in delivering projects from concept to fully operational.

Large scale capability

Delivery of large-scale agricultural projects including the existing agri-forestry projects delivering Australian Government audited carbon credits.

Price risk management

Marketing of agricultural products and utilisation of derivatives and marked to market accounting to manage price risk.

Retail / Wholesale

Funds management with retail and wholesale investors.

Alterra is derived from the English word ‘alter’ and the Latin word for earth ‘terra’ – “alter land” or “changing landscape”. It embodies our philosophy and strategy of identifying alternative uses for land and utilising systems or technologies to develop innovative agribusiness opportunities.