Carpenters Project Winter 2020 Team Trip

Alterra’s executive team and board visited the Carpenters Project located in Pemberton, Western Australia. On the way, the team also stopped by local partner Richard Eckersley’s avocado orchards in Harvey.

Local Partner Richard Eckersley sharing his approach to avocado farming in the south-west region.

Non-Executive Director Trevor Stoney and COTO Brett Heather talking irrigation with Alterra’s local partners.

Executive Director Andrew McBain trying some of Yambellup Estate’s citrus.

COTO Brett Heather and local partner Richard Eckersley with Alterra’s leadership and advisory team.

Alterra’s Regional Development Manager Paul Good and Chief Operating and Technical Officer Brett Heather updated the team on the progress of the development at Carpenters in Pemberton and the land preparation for an initial five hectares planting of the 300-hectare avocado project.

Regional Development Manager Paul Good at the 5-hectare planting site.

COTO Brett Heather giving a progress update on the land preparation.