The Carpenters Project is a 200-hectare avocado development located near Pemberton, Western Australia, 3.5 hours south of Perth.


Alterra's flagship project currently under development, with plans to build, own and operate a 200 hectare avocado orchard which once developed, will be one of the biggest standalone avocado projects in Australia.

The project is based at the Carpenters property, at Beedelup, located within the prime avocado-growing corridor between Manjimup and Pemberton in Western Australia's south-west. The property is held under a 30-year lease with further 10+10 year options.
Stage 2 of the development is now progressing with spring 2021 plantings of approximately 7 hectares and preparations to plant up to 60,000 trees across 85 hectares in spring 2022. Stage 1 involved a 5 hectare planting in spring 2020.

With approximately 2,500 hectares of current avocado production in Western Australia, this single development has the potential to represent about 10 per cent of WA's planted hectares. The property has existing water licensing, and construction has commenced on significant onsite water infrastructure.

Dam 1 – on-stream dam with up to 3,000ML storage capacity.
Dam 2 – off-stream dam approximately 37ML existing storage capacity, with the ability to expand to 850ML.

Alterra is implementing intelligent irrigation and fertigation systems and real-time detection systems for soil and root health. This is expected to deliver increased yield and fruit size to achieve more than 90 per cent premium-grade fruit.

Renowned around Australia for its cool climate, mineral rich soils and access to high-quality water, Pemberton produces premium avocados. Due to this unique climate, the Pemberton region can achieve high average annual yields of between 20 tonnes and 30 tonnes per hectare.

Australia currently only exports about 3 per cent of its total avocado production, with significant potential to grow exports into the future, particularly from this unique production area of Pemberton.